Program Evaluation and Outcomes

CIS is built on the premise that positive relationships and guidance can change the course of a child’s life. While the areas of focus vary among agencies in the CIS National network, all CIS programs focus on providing services with that one-on-one relationship in mind. Tutoring and mentoring, academic support, out-of-school programs, connection with the world through cultural activities, exposure to the working world, and case management are all integral components of the CIS program. The services provided by CIS can change students’ lives, as well as the lives of their friends, family, and community members.

CIS of Houston’s overall pre-K through 12th grade program success for caseload students is determined through meeting or exceeding the following goals:

  • 98% of middle and high schoolers will stay in school
  • 96% of 12th graders will graduate from high school
  • 96% will show improvement in academics, attendance, and/or behavior


ICF International Evaluation Report, Texas, 2008:

  • CIS is verified as one of the top 3 dropout prevention programs in the state
  • CIS is the only program to make a meaningful impact on both increasing graduation rates and decreasing dropout rates.


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